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The Rock takes you inside this year’s Olympia

Behind The Olympia

The Rock’s Seven Bucks Production team was at this year’s Olympia contest in Las Vegas, Nevada filming from as many angles as it could. The team’s experience has now been compacted down to a 15-minute video and uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

The name of the video is Inside The Olympia, which is incredibly fitting as that is precisely what it is. It takes you behind the scenes of the contest introducing each of the eight bodybuilding competition categories that took place at the major event.

The video features in-depth commentary about the various bodybuilding categories, what they’re about, who competed in them, and who won. It’s an excellent watch for longtime followers of the sport and acts as a great introduction for newcomers.

Inside The Olympia is also filled with big-name appearances including IFBB president Jim Manion, IFBB judge Steve Weinberger, and the Rock himself. As mentioned you can watch it on YouTube on the Rock’s own channel, or above where we’ve directly embedded the video.

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