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Max Effort Muscle launches its creatine competitor Tri Blend Creatine

Tri Blend Creatine

The relatively small but growing brand Max Effort Muscle from Cory Gregory has grown once again this week, with the launch of an entirely new supplement. The relatively comprehensive brand now also has you covered when it comes to strength and muscle size building with its creatine formula Tri Blend Creatine.

Three forms of creatine

Like most creatine products, Max Effort Muscle’s Tri Blend Creatine features a pretty straightforward combination of ingredients. The supplement is exactly what it says in its title, a blend of three different forms of creatine with 2.5g of the classic creatine monohydrate and 1.25g each of creatine HCl and AKG.

Massive 120 serving tub

Keeping with Max Effort Muscle’s theme, a full unflavored tub of its new Tri Blend Creatine costs the same as all of its other products at $34.99. It does, however, pack a lot more servings than any of its others with 120, meaning it should last you a solid four months taking one serving per day.

Free for a limited time

As per usual, Max Effort Muscle has launched its latest supplement with a very limited introductory sale. For today you can get Tri Blend Creatine free with any purchase of an XL Stack through the brand’s official online store You can of course also purchase it individually, for as mentioned $34.99 per tub.

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