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Tribeca rebrands its hit X50 Green Tea and gives it a new variety box

X50 Green Tea Resveratrol

To keep its month of new releases rolling, the Australian brand Tribeca Health has followed up its introduction of Vita-Matcha and Sweet Potato Chips with another relatively important release. This time around we’ve been treated to an updated look for the brand’s original hit supplement, X50 Green Tea.

Tribeca has rebranded the product with a more modern look and the title X50 Green Tea + Resveratrol, which are the main ingredients in it. While the supplement may look very different from the outside, according to Tribeca it has kept with the same formula on the inside.

One more thing to go with the rebrand of X50 Green Tea, or what we can now call X50 Green Tea + Resveratrol, is that it’s also getting a new assorted flavor box. We can’t, unfortunately, confirm exactly what the flavors are in the variety box just yet, only that it will have six different ones.