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Losing Hydra-Charge flavor released as an exclusive

Apple Limeade Hydra-Charge

Back when Kris Gethin’s Kaged Muscle launched the new Hydra-Charge flavor that it actually had its fans decide on after taking a poll. It also said that those who voted for the other option in the poll may not need to worry, as another Hydra-Charge flavor is on the way.

Now, almost three months later Kaged Muscle has introduced another flavor for Hydra-Charge that should finally please the losing side of its poll. Basically, when the brand had fans vote on what its next option should be for its hydration supplement, the choices were Orange Mango and Apple Limeade.

Orange Mango Hydra-Charge was the flavor that ended up winning the contest, with Apple Limeade being the loser. Kaged Muscle has now taken that losing flavor and actually released it this week as an exclusive option that you can only get through the retailer