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Guerrilla Chemist shares an update his highly anticipated supplement line

Guerrilla Chemist supplements

Earlier this year it was announced that Bryan Moskow, better known as the Guerrilla Chemist, is coming out with his own, no doubt incredibly well thought out supplement line. That announcement did come just over four months ago, so today we have an update on how the brand is coming along.

The Guerrilla Chemist himself has confirmed that his upcoming line will have at least three complex supplements in it. We don’t have names or ingredients for any of the three just yet although we do have confirmation of their categories as well as a short description of one.

The three products will be a stimulant pre-workout, a pump pre-workout which will also have focus enhancing nootropics in it, and an intra-workout. The intra is the one we have a bit more information on as the Guerrilla Chemist has revealed it will pack around 20 active ingredients and include some sort of carbohydrate source.

As for an update on the actual launch of the Guerrilla Chemist supplements, they are currently said to be roughly two months away. If that is the case, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be seeing the line before the end of the year; however, it will make for a great new year’s launch.