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Legendary Labs’ DMHA pre-workout Elektra up for pre-order

Legendary Labs Elektra

Not too long ago Legendary Labs confirmed that it was working on another stimulant powered pre-workout supplement, despite already having one on the market. The brand has now made its second pre-workout available for pre-order, officially introducing the long-awaited product, Elektra.

At the moment we don’t know everything there is to know about Legendary Labs Elektra, only that it promises to be a powerful pre-workout and a few details about its formula. According to the brand, the supplement will enhance focus and energy, increase strength, and improve your metabolic rate.

As far as ingredients go for Elektra, we know that it has a total of 13 features to its formula. Of that 13, we can confirm three along with their doses in 3.2g of the performance enhancer beta-alanine, 300mg of caffeine, and 150mg of the powerful stimulant DMHA.

While Legendary Labs doesn’t appear to have revealed everything about its upcoming Elektra pre-workout, as mentioned it now available for pre-order. You can secure yourself a tub of the product through the brand’s website at $49.99, or if you order before its Black Friday coupon “LEGENDARY30” expires, you can get it for $35.