Powr3d pre-workout LiquiCharge unique but lightly dosed

Nov 17th, 2017

Powr3d, the company behind the unique pump serve protein product ProPump, now has a second supplement available. The latest release from the brand puts it into yet another mainstream and extremely competitive category with the pre-workout formula, LiquiCharge.

How LiquiCharge works

Much like the Powr3d protein product, LiquiCharge doesn’t come in the typical pre-workout form of powder. Instead, the brand’s second-ever supplement comes in a liquid with pre-solubilized ingredients for better absorption by the body.


The way the Powr3d pre-workout LiquiCharge works is that you simply squeeze it into your bottle or cup, and go. The product comes packaged in convenient, single-serve LiquiTubes that you snap the top off, squeeze into water or whatever else you prefer pre-workout, then drink.

Non-transparent formula

LiquiCharge promises to increase energy, mental focus, muscle pumps, and endurance, with a combination of six different ingredients. For energy and focus Powr3d has brought together a 435mg blend of caffeine at 180mg, n-acetyl l-tyrosine, and TeaCrine theacrine, which you can double if you use the supplement’s maximum amount of two servings.


The other half of LiquiCharge’s formula is for endurance and pumps with a light 2.15g non-transparent blend or 4.3g if doubled, of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, citrulline malate, and norvaline. We say it’s a light blend because most of our favorite pre-workouts have the likes of beta-alanine dosed at 3g plus and citrulline malate over 6g, whereas LiquiCharge has them combined with norvaline for just 4.3g.

Available now at GNC

At the moment Powr3d’s new LiquiCharge doesn’t appear to be available through its own online store, but it is in stock at GNC. A full 20 serving box in the one Blood Orange flavor will cost you $49.99, although if you want to use LiquiCharge at its maximum of two servings, you’re looking at $50 for just 10 servings.