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Cookie Madness now available in 8 delicious looking flavors

Cookie Madness

Earlier this year we posted about the new, delicious looking protein cookie called Cookie Madness from the UK company Madness Nutrition. In that post we talked about the brand’s first five cookie flavors, as well as another five flavors it confirmed as coming soon.

It now appears that some of those five previously upcoming options have made their way out to retailers. The major European supplement store Gigas Nutrition has in fact shown up with three of those five new flavors, all of which sound and look just as delicious as the first five Cookie Madness releases.

The three flavors that appear to have released since we first posted about Madness Nutrition are Banana Chunky Monkey, Coconut Frost Monster Delight, and the newest launch, Chocolate Candy Monster. That leaves just two to come from the brand’s list of upcoming flavors with Creamy Cookie Crumble and Choc Chip Mega Monster.

As mentioned, you can get the three new Cookie Madness flavors now through Gigas Nutrition in Europe. We imagine other stockists are due to get them soon as well, such as the UK stores Cardiff Sports Nutrition and Protein Pick And Mix, although at the moment they only have the original five.

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