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Myprotein mixes MyPre and TheWhey for its Ultimate Workout Box


Myprotein has put together a limited edition box set for fans interested in getting a hold of a couple of its more advanced supplements. The new release is called the Ultimate Workout Box, which is the somewhat simple combination of two products, one for before your workout and one for after.

Each of Myprotein’s Ultimate Workout Boxes comes with the recently released MyPre 2.0, and the brand’s major 2017 protein powder launch, TheWhey. Altogether the stack of the two costs £49.99, which actually isn’t all that much different from buying the two supplements individually at £24.99 and £26.99.

Fortunately, Myprotein has thrown in a little something else with its Ultimate Workout Box to make it worth your time. On top of the pre-workout and protein, you also get a MixMaster shaker typically valued at £2.49. The brand’s new box set is now available through its international online store at