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Protein Chocolate looks likely in Pandy’s new series of teasers

Pandy Chocolate

The Swedish protein candy company creatively named Pandy, has confirmed that it has three all-new, exciting products coming soon. Fortunately, the brand has released a series of teaser images to feed that excitement and give us enough to take a guess at what is coming.

In total Pandy has dropped three images, each featuring a blurred out snack size product that keeps one big clue consistent. Throughout the teasers there is a brown color, which combined with the brand’s candy snack theme, makes it look like we might be in for some delicious solid block style, protein chocolate.

Based on the colors and blurred graphics we also feel the teasers give us some idea of the flavors we might be in for. If it is protein chocolate we’re looking at, then our guesses are chocolate mint, chocolate orange, and either chocolate peanut butter or chocolate caramel.

Pandy plans on officially unveiling its next lot of releases sometime soon, in fact, this weekend it is going to be sampling one of the three at the Fitnessfestivalen expo in Stockholm, Sweden.

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