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eFlow’s six-month-old Enrage Extreme gets a third flavor

Strawberry Lemonade Enrage Extreme

When eFlow Nutrition originally introduced its DMHA and eria jarensis infused pre-workout Enrage Extreme, roughly six months ago back in May. The brand only made it available in the one candy inspired flavor titled Sour Soldier.

Not too long after eFlow launched Enrage Extreme it added a second flavor to the pre-workout’s menu, and now this week it’s releasing its third. The new addition joining the supplement’s original Sour Soldier flavor and follow-up Warrior Gummy Bear is a Strawberry Lemonade Enrage Extreme.

To celebrate the release, eFlow is running a sale on single tub purchases of Enrage Extreme through its website’s online store. The sale is basically a saving of a little over 15%, as instead of costing $54.99 per tub, for a limited time you can get Enrage Extreme for $44.99.