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Yamamoto teases its “master antioxidant” for release in two weeks

Yamamoto Nutrition

The European supplement company Yamamoto Nutrition which introduced its line to the US at this year’s Olympia Expo, a couple of months ago. Is now getting ready to release an entirely new product that it’s felt is well worth getting some excitement going for.

Yamamoto has released a blacked out image of a tub which has not had its title revealed yet, just the nickname “master antioxidant”. The one other detail we have to share about the brand’s mystery supplement is that it is apparently arriving very soon on Monday the 13th of this month.

To sum it all up, it appears Yamamoto is launching some sort of antioxidant product in a little less than two weeks time. While the supplement doesn’t sound overly exciting at the moment, it will be interesting to see what it turns out to be, especially since the brand feels its teaser worthy.

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