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Lipo-Drex gets a new look and now has 60 capsules per bottle


A couple of days ago iSatori shared an image of a newly branded version of its stimulant fat burner Lipo-Drex. The image definitely got us excited as it looked like the brand behind Bio-Gro was getting ready to release an updated Lipo-Drex of some sort.

It turns out, iSatori’s almost two-year-old fat burner is keeping its formula. The brand has just added the rebranded supplement to its website where it confirms that everything formula wise is remaining the same. Its three non-transparent blends are still all at their original weights and feature all the same ingredients.

The only real difference with the new Lipo-Drex outside of its updated packaging and branding is that it has more capsules per bottle. Unlike iSatori’s original which has 45 capsules and its bonus option with 54, the rebranded Lipo-Drex packs a total of 60 capsules.

The extra amount does, of course, mean that iSatori’s fat burner will last you that little bit longer. Taken at its maximum of two capsules per day, the 60 capsule Lipo-Drex will see you through the more common 30 days. As mentioned, the new product is now listed on the brand’s website and is available for purchase at Regular price $49.99 a bottle.