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BPS Pharma says thanks with 5 extra servings of Not4Pussy

Not4Pussy DMHA

BPS Pharma, the German company behind the line of Not4Pussy pre-workouts, has decided it wants to give back to its fans. The brand has put together special bonus tubs of its DMHA version of Not4Pussy Psychedelic P-Matrix, the one product that features a less colorful label.

Instead of packing the usual 28 servings per tub, the DMHA Not4Pussy will have five extra for a total of 33. The bonus tubs do look like they’ll be specially marked as well featuring a blue stamp saying something like “now with 5 portions extra!”

The almost 20% extra tubs of DMHA Not4Pussy are due to release closer to the end of this month on the 30th and will be found at the likes of Amazon, Gigas Nutrition, and BPS Pharma’s own website. They’ll also only be available in two of the pre-workout’s six flavors with Cola and Catberry.