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Hydrapharm replaces creatine with phosphatidic acid in Adamantine

Hydrapharm Adamantine

The advanced UK supplement company Hydrapharm has taken one of its more known products and relaunched it with an all-new formula. The supplement getting the update this month is the brand’s strength, performance, and recovery enhancing capsule, Adamantine.

Hydrapharm has actually only made one change to Adamantine, although that change is quite significant. Previously the product featured just four different ingredients, three of those four being quite powerful with epicatechin, laxogenin, and creatine nitrate.

Adamantine does still have four ingredients in it, however, now it no longer includes creatine nitrate. In place of the feature is phosphatidic acid to help further enhance strength, performance, and recovery. The new ingredient comes wrapped up in a non-transparent blend along with epicatechin and laxogenin, dosed at a combined 355mg per serving.

The UK retailer Predator Nutrition is now stocking the reformulated Hydrapharm Adamantine for the same price as the previous version at £59.99 for a full 30 serving bottle. It is also available with a sale of sorts, where if you purchase the muscle builder X-Factor from Molecular Nutrition, you’ll save 25%.