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Myprotein Giveaway: 33lbs of protein to be won with no losers

Myprotein TheWhey

We’ve teamed up with the major international brand Myprotein this week for what is essentially your chance to stock up on protein powder. In total, we have 33lbs of whey protein up for grabs, and that’s also 33lbs of Myprotein’s newly released protein, enzyme infused, TheWhey.

The way the prizes work for our big Myprotein giveaway is like this; there is one grand prize of four 4.4lb tubs of TheWhey, one of each of its flavors. You the have the runner-up prize of four 2.2lb tubs, followed by a third prize of a single 4.4lb tub, and finally a fourth of one 2.2lb tub of TheWhey.

To top it all off, anyone that doesn’t win one of our four Myprotein prize packs, won’t go home empty-handed. The brand is also promising that everyone else will get an exclusive one time use coupon code for 20% off its US website at

To get yourself in the draw to win one of the massive protein powder prizes or a 20% off coupon, just complete one or more of the tasks listed in the contest box below. You have until midnight this coming Sunday to get your entry or entries completed, as that is when the competition expires.

Myprotein TheWhey