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Optimum combines almonds and whey for its latest protein snack

Optimum Protein Almonds

Optimum Nutrition’s all-new high protein snack, Optimum Protein Almonds, is now available, bringing with it everything we need to know about the product. As previously confirmed, the new item is an almond based protein snack available in three coated flavors.

The snack itself is built around a relatively simple formula with roasted almonds infused with fast-absorbing whey protein isolate and a flavor-filled coating. The macros you get from a full bag of Optimum Protein Almonds are 10g of protein, 15g of carbohydrates with just a gram of that sugar and 2g fiber, 16g of fat (8g saturated), and 230 calories.

The new Optimum Nutrition high protein snack has launched in three flavors with Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Jalapeno, and Dark Chocolate Truffle. While we don’t yet see the Optimum Protein Almonds listed on the brand’s website just yet, the retailer A1 Supplements now has them in stock at $24.99 for a box of 12 packets.