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Original bonus size Lipo-Drex dropped to 74 cents per serving


Just last week we got a complete look at iSatori’s rebranded fat burner Lipo-Drex which as it turns out, has the same formula as the original. The only difference with the new version outside of its cosmetic changes is that it has more capsules with a total of 60.

iSatori is now running a limited time sale on its original Lipo-Drex where you get two bottles for the price of one. The deal is also on the brand’s 20% bonus size packing a total of 54 capsules instead of the regular’s 45, meaning you get 54 servings for the usually single price of $39.99.

The place to go to get in on iSatori’s bonus size Lipo-Drex sale is its online store at The one other thing you need is the coupon code “2for1LIPO” which looks like it’ll only be working for another day or so.