High stim pre-workout to follow Performax’s relaunch of FitMax

Dec 13th, 2017

Roughly one month ago Performax Labs confirmed that it would be bringing back one of its earlier supplement releases, the flavored fat burner FitMax. To keep fans excited the brand has now passed on a bit of an update revealing when FitMax is arriving as well as a few other interesting bits of news.

Starting with the return of Performax Labs’ flavored fat burner, FitMax is due to arrive in just a few weeks’ time at the beginning of January. As exciting as that is, it turns out the brand has a lot more than just FitMax planned for early next year.

Not too long after FitMax arrives, sometime in February Performax Labs will be launching a new pre-workout separate from its current powerhouse, HyperMax. The product will be a stimulant based pre-workout that’s more about increased energy and mental focus. Then following on from that the brand will launch an amino formula which is a type of product Performax surprisingly doesn’t have in its current lineup.

Basically, the next few months are going to be quite exciting for fans of Performax Labs. By the sounds of things, it is going to be a new supplement roughly every month for the first quarter of 2018, although there is also word we may even be getting more than that.