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Performax Labs’ flavored fat burner FitMax making a return


Last month was the biggest month in history for Performax Labs as it revealed and released more supplements and updates than ever before. That included new and improved versions of SlinMax, OxyMax, VasoMax, and the brand’s incredibly effective and now top rated pre-workout, HyperMax.

While October has been over for two weeks, Performax Labs is apparently not done with new product releases for 2017. The brand has announced this week that a supplement longtime fans will remember, is officially making a comeback. That supplement is the previously discontinued, flavored fat burner, FitMax.

At the moment all we know is that Performax Labs is bringing back FitMax as some sort of weight loss competitor. We don’t know anything about what effects it plans on delivering, what ingredients it will be using, or what will separate it from the brand’s recently reformulated capsule fat burner, OxyMax.