CBD oil post-workout Chill and Grow now available for pre-order

Dec 31st, 2017
Chill and Grow

Tim Muriello recently unveiled what is going to be one of the most unique releases we’ve seen in a very long time. The product is called Chill and Grow, which is a one-of-a-kind post-workout supplement aiming to deliver recovery and relaxation.

For those that missed our original post, Tim Muriello’s Chill and Grow is a bag of sweet and delicious, jelly filled gummy frogs. The frogs not only contain sugary carbs to help replenish glycogen immediately after your workout. But they also pack an unknown amount of time release leucine for recovery and 50mg of CBD oil per frog.

Tim Muriello has now officially made his unique Chill And Grow available for pre-order through Instagram. He is asking anyone that’s interested to direct message him on the social media platform for more information, with bags of ten jelly filled frogs priced at $34.99.