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Promera releases a partial preview of its upcoming “game changer”


Promera Sports has released a partial preview of the new supplement it has coming soon that’ll feature a new patented ingredient of some kind. The preview doesn’t unfortunately give us a better idea of what it is the brand has coming, but it does give us a few details about the product that will have Promera’s big ingredient.

What we can gather from the brand’s preview is that the supplement’s name begins with “A” and possibly ends with the word “Plus”. We can also see that the weight of the product is 202g per tub, which would work out to around 6.7g per serving if it has the usual 30 servings per tub.

Based on the new information we have on the Promera supplement, we’re going to take a guess and say it is something to do with aminos. The first letter of its name certainly fits in with the word and its serving size also fits in with an amino type product.

The mystery, of course, would be what the brand’s patented ingredient is, and if we are in fact in for an amino formula, what that ingredient does to compliment aminos.

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