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Sparta makes it easier to get MCTs in your diet with Keto Coffee

Sparta Keto Coffee

We’re continuing our release of information on Sparta Nutrition’s upcoming Keto Series today, with a complete unveiling of Keto Coffee. The supplement is not as complex as the recently revealed Keto BCAA, however it is quite a unique creation.

As per its name, Sparta’s Keto Coffee is a keto-friendly product intended to be used as a coffee creamer. You simply add a scoop of the supplement to your coffee for the extra flavor and a strong 7g of MCTs.

Sparta Keto Coffee

Like with most keto formulas using MCTs, Sparta has thrown them in as a nice reliable source of fuel. The brand also goes into detail on the label of Keto Coffee, breaking down its 7g MCT blend which is made up of 4g of caprylic acid, 2g of capric acid, and a gram of lauric acid.

Keto Coffee, along with the rest of Sparta Nutrition’s Keto Series, is still due to release sometime in the very near future. It’ll eventually be hitting stores in the one 30 serving tub size and in an ideal coffee creamer flavor with French Vanilla Bliss.

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