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Capsule formula Night Owl coming soon from Ambrosia

Ambrosia Night Owl

The collaborative company Ambrosia, that has managed to only really release rather well put together products, is currently getting ready to add another item to its growing lineup. The brand has shared a preview of its next new supplement, officially titled Night Owl.

At the moment Ambrosia hasn’t given any actual details on what Night Owl is or any of the ingredients it contains. Based purely on the name of the product, we can’t help but assume that Night Owl is a nighttime supplement of some sort to help with quality of sleep and possibly recovery as well.

Knowing Ambrosia, whatever Night Owl is, it will likely feature a pretty full on formula to ensure it does everything it’s meant to do. According to the brand, the capsule product is due to arrive in about three weeks from now, which works out to somewhere in the first half of February.