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Costco exclusive C4 Original on sale for 42 cents per serving

C4 Original Costco

If you haven’t been to Costco before, you may not be familiar with the exclusive version of C4 Original Cellucor put together for the wholesale giant. The product is a massive 90 serving tub of the mainstream pre-workout with a free shaker, available in the one, naturally colored and flavored, Wild Fruit Blast flavor.

The reason we’re throwing the Costco exclusive back into the spotlight today is because there is currently a sale on it that Cellucor fans won’t want to miss. Usually, the 90 serving C4 Original would cost you $49.99 at Costco, which is very competitive with the likes of selling 60 servings for the same price.

As great as Costco’s C4 Original already was, it has been made even better this month with a rather large sale. Through until the end of this week you can get 25% off the Costco C4 Original, dropping it to an incredible $37.50.

The sale is certainly one of the best deals we’ve ever seen on Cellucor’s C4 Original, as it works out to around 42 cents per serving. You can see the promotion for yourself on Costco’s website where you’ll also notice the offer is limited to four tubs per person.