Sparta goes heavy for Cogni Keto, its cognitive ketogenic formula

Jan 11th, 2018
Cogni Keto

We continue our posts on the upcoming Sparta Nutrition Keto Series today with the introduction of Cogni Keto. As the name of the supplement suggests, Cogni Keto combines the power of a ketogenic product with cognition enhancing ingredients.

What is it

Not too surprisingly Sparta Nutrition has put together quite the impressive formula for Cogni Keto. Instead of taking the easy way out and mixing light amounts of BHB ketones and focus features, it has packed good amounts of ingredients for both sides of its title, ketogenic and cognition.

Unlike any of the other Sparta Nutrition Keto Series supplements we’ve posted about recently, Cogni Keto does things a bit differently with its serving size. While it does have 40 servings per tub, if you really want to get the most out of the product, it has a two scoop maximum serving, that would only get 20 servings out of a full tub.


It is in that maximum two-scoop serving of Cogni Keto that the Sparta Nutrition supplement really impresses. On the ketogenic side, two scoops will get you a solid 10g of BHB ketones, which is a substantial dose for a hybrid product, as well as 2g of MCT oil powder.

Cogni Keto

Then on Sparta Nutrition’s mental focus side of Cogni Keto you get another set of impressive ingredients and doses. From heaviest to lightest the top rated brand has squeezed in a very heavy 1.2g of alpha-GPC (50%), 125mg of caffeine, 100mg each of lion’s mane and rhodiola, 75mg of theanine, and a milligram of huperzine A.

Launching soon

As far as we know, Sparta Nutrition is still aiming to have its Keto Series out and available sometime early this year. The line will consist of four other supplements outside of Cogni Keto with three of those four being Keto Pre Extreme, Keto Coffee, and Keto BCAA.