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Finaflex previews Keto Hydrate, its unique on-the-go formula

Finaflex Keto Hydrate

With two new supplement releases already under its belt for 2018, with BCAA Max Pump and the loaded pre-workout Stimul8 Loaded. Finaflex is showing no signs of slowing down as a preview has now surfaced of another entirely new product from the brand called Keto Hydrate.

Unlike BCAA Max Pump and Stimul8 Loaded, the latest Finaflex supplement doesn’t belong to any of the more mainstream categories like amino and pre-workout. Keto Hydrate is a ketogenic style formula which according to its label intends to help with performance and hydration.

At the moment we don’t know anything else about Finaflex Keto Hydrate, as all we have to go off is a small preview. The only other details we have to share are the flavors the 20oz, on-the-go ketogenic product will be launching in with Keto Punch, Keto Grape, and Keto Orange.