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Finaflex launches its ultimate pre-workout Stimul8 Loaded

Stimul8 Loaded

In 2017 Finaflex launched a couple of spin-offs of its well-known and widely available energy supplement Stimul8. To start 2018, the brand has revealed and released yet another spin-off, being described as the ultimate pre-workout officially named Stimul8 Loaded.

The new Finaflex product is actually quite a unique looking pre-workout. The brand hasn’t gone with the usual mix of pre-workout ingredients and benefits on this one, which is why we’re calling it a bit different.

Ultimate Finaflex pre-workout

Stimul8 Loaded promises to help with performance, endurance, energy, strength, muscle pumps, and something you don’t see from too many pre-workouts, improve recovery. The list of ingredients included to back up those effects is where the Finaflex supplement gets even more interesting.

Loaded formula

It seems Stimul8 Loaded gets its name from its formula, as it is indeed relatively loaded. For better performance, the product features CarnoSyn beta-alanine at a dose of 3.2g, a 3g blend of MCT powder, 2.5g of betaine for strength, and 1.5g of Nitrosigine to help it follow through on its muscle pump benefits.

Stimul8 Loaded

The remaining ingredients in Finaflex’s Stimul8 Loaded are 300mg of caffeine, 150mg of ElevATP, 10mg of huperzine A, and 125mg of TeaCrine providing 40% pure TeaCrine at 50mg. There is also 480mg of VitaCherry tart cherry in Stimul8 Loaded, which is responsible for the supplement’s recovery effects.

Now available direct

Finaflex’s all-new Stimul8 Loaded is now available through the brand’s own online store at The pre-workout currently comes in two tastes, the fruity recipe Peach Mango Twister and the candy-inspired Yummy Gummy Bear.

While you can purchase Stimul8 Loaded through the Finaflex website, you may prefer to wait if you want a good price. Direct, the product currently costs $66.95 for 20 servings, whereas when it eventually hit retailers, we suspect it will have a price slightly better than over $3 per serving.