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Guardian Black swapping DMHA for the promising new Dynamine

Guardian Black Mass Attack

Silverback Nutraceuticals has announced a change to its powerful, top rated pre-workout Guardian Black Mass Attack. Like a lot of other companies out there in the industry right now, Silverback is updating its pre-workout without the powerful stimulant DMHA.

Also like other brands out there, Silverback is dropping DMHA and adding in Compound Solutions’ promising new ingredient, Dynamine at a 100mg per serving. We actually recently got a chance to try Dynamine in Inspired’s new DVST8 and can confirm the stimulant does bring quite the kick to the table.

Guardian Black Mass Attack

As far as we know the switching of 100mg of DMHA for 100mg Dynamine is the only change Silverback has made to its Guardian Black Mass Attack formula. As a reminder, we’ve added the pre-workout’s original label above, which as mentioned should be the same except instead of 2-aminoisoheptane (DMHA) it’ll have Dynamine.