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Leg Day Bath Bomb designed to help with those grueling leg days

Leg Day Bath Bomb

Tim Muriello made quite a bit of noise last year when he revealed his CBD oil infused Chill and Grow gummy frogs for relaxation and recovery. Muriello and his brand Spazmatic Supplements have now released another new product that is just as, if not more unique than Chill and grow.

The new release is called Leg Day Bath Bomb, which is a fizzing bath powder designed to provide a number of interesting benefits. The unique product intends to speed up recovery, relieve stress and anxiety, raise libido, and promote better sleep.

The product is called Leg Day Bath Bomb because Tim Muriello built it for use after leg day. The reason behind that is because leg day is definitely one of the more demanding workout days, so to combat it, Muriello brings you Leg Day Bath Bomb to help improve overall recovery.

Tim Muriello has officially launched his unique Leg Day Bath Bomb through his own online store at The price on it is $12.99 for two bath bombs, so if you purchase two packages you’ll have enough to last you a month of training legs once a week.