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Method Performance’s three piece lineup is now in stock

Method Performance

Method Performance, the all-new supplement company we posted about near the end of last year, has officially arrived. While the brand did already have apparel in stock on its website, up until this week its fully transparent supplements had yet to become available for purchase.

The small but strong Method Performance lineup is now in stock at in full-size tubs, sample packs, and even a discounted stack. The new brand’s family of supplements is currently made up of the nighttime formla Defrag, the focus enhancer Mainframe, and the amino infused energy product, Hardwire.

Like with most lineups, all of the Method Performance supplements do vary in price. Hardwire is the cheapest of the lot at $36, then Defrag at $38, and the focus formula Mainframe at $45. You can save 10% if you buy them all together at $107, and there are also sample packs available for Hardwire and Mainframe at $2 each.