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Soft and chewy Quest Cookie packed with 15g of protein

Quest Cookie

Near the beginning of 2017, Quest Nutrition launched the protein-packed Quest Cookie, although it was only made available to its insider Quest Labs community. We actually ended up reviewing the snack as well and found it to be one of the most delicious protein cookies we’d tried.

To start the new year, the soft and chewy Quest Cookie has been given a new look, a slightly different formula, and an official public release. The new Quest product is now listed over on the giant online retailer Amazon in four different flavors.

Quest Cookie

Macros and flavors

Compared to the previous Quest Labs version of the Quest Cookie, the protein snack’s formula isn’t all that different. The Chocolate Chip flavor provides 15g of protein per cookie from milk and whey isolate, 19g of carbohydrates with 9g of that fiber and less than a gram sugar. 17g of fat (10g saturated), and a total of 250 calories.

The other three Quest Cookie flavors don’t differ all that much in terms of macros, and like Chocolate Chip, they’re naturally sweetened with erythritol and stevia. As for what those other flavors are, on top of Chocolate Chip, there is Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, and Double Chocolate Chip.

Quest Cookie

Available at Amazon

The new Quest Cookie can now be found on Amazon where it has a price tag of $24.05 for a full box of 12 cookies. At the moment it only looks like the Double Chocolate Chip flavor is in stock and available to ship, with the other three options due to arrive a little later.