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Sparta looking to tackle the stim-free side of weight loss with Inferno

Sparta Nutrition Inferno

Among the list of things Sparta Nutrition did very well in 2017, was enter into the competitive world of weight loss. The brand didn’t actually just enter the category, it took it on at full force with its well put together and effective fat burner Hydra Shred.

It now looks like Sparta Nutrition fans are actually going to be able to take their weight loss supplementation even further. The brand has completely unveiled an all-new stimulant free fat burner called Sparta Nutrition Inferno, that can be stacked with Hydra Shred or of course, taken by itself.

Effects and ingredients

Sparta Nutrition’s Inferno features a relatively simple weight loss formula, although it promises quite the combination of effects. Being stimulant free the product obviously won’t increase energy; what it does say it will deliver is maxed out metabolism, appetite suppression, midsection fat loss, and minimized cravings.

Sparta Nutrition Inferno

As mentioned, the formula behind Inferno is somewhat straightforward, however, after finding out first hand just how good Hydra Shred is, we have no reason to doubt Sparta on this one. The ingredients and doses behind the supplement are 125mg each of InnoSlim astragalus membranaceus and Sensoril ashwagandha, 100mg of olive leaf, and 50mg of grains of paradise.

Coming soon

Like a lot of other new products recently revealed by the brand, Sparta Nutrition Inferno is due to be available sometime early this year. For those that haven’t been following, Inferno is the seventh supplement confirmed as coming soon from Sparta, with the other six being Spartan Whey and the five-piece Keto Series.