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Brand Of The Year #5: Sparta grows above and beyond

Sparta Nutrition

When we look back at last year, we really can’t think past the ride that Sparta Nutrition took us on. Not only was the brand releasing or sharing news of something new almost every month, but its releases were top quality. Two of its products even made it on to our list of top supplements, positions which the brand still holds today and one of the main reasons it has made it onto our list of top five brands of 2017 at #5.

Kraken hype

Sparta was essentially slingshot into 2017 and primed for success, as it started the year with a lot of momentum from the ’16 launch of its powerful pre-workout Kraken. To keep the excitement going, just a few months after introducing Kraken, Sparta decided to give back to its hit pre-workout with more flavors.

Sparta Nutrition

Early last year Sparta added an alternatively branded Blue Bombsicle flavor to Kraken as well as a candy-inspired Watermelon Rancher. Not too long after dropping those, Sparta continued the excitement around Kraken with the release of another new flavor called Rainbow Candy and then a Cotton Candy option, although that came a little later in the year.

Hydra Shred

Following the surge of new flavors for Kraken, Sparta turned the heat up in the second quarter of 2017 with the fat burner Hydra Shred. The brand basically applied the same idea behind its pre-workout to a weight loss supplement, resulting in a well formulated and extremely effective product.

Sparta Nutrition

We actually ended up finding out first hand just how good Sparta’s Hydra Shred is, as in July we reviewed it, then placed it on our list of top ten fat burners.

BCAA and Kraken Pump

Moving into the second half of the year, we weren’t expecting much more excitement from Sparta seeing as it delivered so well in the first half. As it turned out, the brand squeezed two more supplement launches into the year, both of which maintained Sparta’s strong reputation.

The two other releases we saw from the brand were Hydra8 BCAA, an energy infused amino packing a strong 8g of BCAAs per serving, and Kraken Pump, a stimulant free pre-workout designed to enhance muscle pumps. That took Sparta’s launch total for the year up to three, or four if you count the rise of Kraken, meaning the brand really only hit the market with well thought out, complex products.

Sparta Nutrition

Looking forward

While Sparta didn’t release that many new supplements last year, over the past month, news has come in that’s making it sound like 2018 could be even better than ’17. The brand has announced that at least six entirely new products are due to release early this year. Five of those are for its ketogenic line of supplements, and the other one is its delicious looking protein powder Spartan Whey.

Overall Sparta Nutrition truly shined in 2017, so well, in fact, it’s gone from being a somewhat unknown name to being well-known and one with a strong reputation. As mentioned, 2018 is already looking like another big year for Sparta, and with the solid products it already has in its arsenal, it will certainly be interesting to see where the brand takes us over the next 12 months.

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