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4+ Nutrition launches its plant protein powered Vegan Pro+

4 Plus Vegan Pro

4+ Nutrition has added to its lineup of protein snacks this week, although this one is a bit different from all of its others. The latest from the Italian supplement company is a protein bar called Vegan Pro+, with its point of difference being that it uses only vegan protein sources.

The new 4+ Nutrition is powered by pea protein and rice protein providing 17g of protein per Vegan Pro bar. The other major macros in the product are a low 6.9g of carbohydrates with 1.4g of that sugar, 12g of fat (8g saturated), 16g of fiber, for a total of 238 calories.

4+ Nutrition Vegan Pro has launched in three uncoated flavors with Banana, Double Chocolate Brownie, and Cookies ‘N’ Cream. As per usual the first place to get the latest from the Italian brand is its own website where a box of 12 Vegan Pro bars will cost you €30 ($37.22 USD).