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Dynamine powered PES pre-workout for pumps, energy and stims

Ceuticore PES

Over the past few weeks Ceuticore Nutrition has been hyping an all-new pre-workout that was recently confirmed to feature the new stimulant Dynamine. That exciting supplement has been completely unveiled this week as well as been made available for pre-order.

What does it do

The new pre-workout from Ceuticore carries on its long-running pre-workout name with PES, which stands for Pump, Energy, and Stims. That right there is essentially what the product promises to do, and that is delivery muscle pumps and fullness, as well as stimulant powered energy and tunnel vision focus.


In terms of features, as suspected, Dynamine is far from the only ingredient in Ceuticore’s new PES. The supplement comes with a loaded formula that is almost 100% transparent, having all of its components listed alongside their exact doses except for the brand’s in-house eVASC3 blend of pine bark, grape seed, and green tea extract.

Ceuticore PES

Some of the highlights from the PES formula include a heavy 5g of pure citrulline per maximum two-scoop serving, 150mg of Dynamine, a relatively moderate but strong 250mg of caffeine, and a gram of agmatine. You can see its full combination in the PES label above featuring over 15 different ingredients.

Pre-order sale

As mentioned earlier, Ceuticore’s latest installment of its PES pre-workout is now available for pre-order in a 25 serving tub for $44.99. You can get in on the action through the brand’s website at, with shipping of the product due to take place in a few weeks’ time on February 26th.

Also for a limited time and if you want to get two tubs of PES, whether it’s for you or you and a friend. You can use the coupon code “stack3d” and get 50% discount on your second tub, which works out to $67.50 for the two bottles or $33.75 each.