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Upcoming Ceuticore pre-workout will be powered by Dynamine

Ceuticore Pre-Workout

Last week Ceuticore announced that it plans on kicking off 2018 next month with the launch of an all-new pre-workout supplement. Outside of the category of the product nothing else was revealed about it, leaving us with a lot of questions.

A week on from that announcement Ceuticore is back with a few new pieces of information about its mystery supplement. The brand has now confirmed that the formula will be powered by the new and exciting stimulant Dynamine from Compound Solutions, the team behind TeaCrine.

Along with the hard-hitting stimulant, Ceuticore’s new pre-workout will also feature a handful of pump enhancing ingredients. Those ingredients are pure citrulline at a heavy 5g per serving, as well as a gram each of agmatine and taurine.

For now, that is all we have, but it is worth mentioning that the features confirmed today aren’t all that will be in the product. Ceuticore has made it clear that there is more to the supplement, with the rest of its details to be revealed as we near its fast approaching February release.