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Four main ingredients confirmed for Performax Labs StimMax


To keep the hype going for Perfromax Labs’ upcoming, more energy and focus powered pre-workout, StimMax. The brand has released a few more pieces of information including a couple of product details and a handful of its main ingredients.

The product details Performax Labs has dropped today are kind of things we already knew. The details are that the brand plans on launching StimMax sometime in the next few weeks in the one Raspberry Lemonade flavor, with a total of 25 servings per full-size tub.

As for the ingredients we can now confirm, they all stay true to the StimMax name and make it sound like a solid stimulant driven experience. In total we have four to reveal with a heavy 2g of choline, 400mg of caffeine coming from 325mg of caffeine anhydrous and the rest dicaffeine malate, and 200mcg of huperzine A.

There is no doubt a lot more to be confirmed for Performax Labs’ StimMax, especially in terms of ingredients. Based on what we’ve seen so far, however, as well as knowing how good the brand’s HyperMax pre-workout is, StimMax is shaping up to be an exciting supplement.