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StimMax previews confirms it’s all about energy and mental focus


Performax Labs has released a preview of the supplement it confirmed back in December of last year which sounds like it’s going to be a release to watch out for. The product is called StimMax, another pre-workout competitor from the brand that’s built more for those looking for a strong dose of energy and mental focus.

The preview Performax Labs has shared of StimMax doesn’t really tell us too much more about the upcoming supplement. All we get from it is a first look at the product itself as well as serving details, with a full tub of the pre-workout packing a total of 25 servings.

To get some hype going for the intense-sounding supplement, Performax Labs has shared one other piece information for StimMax. The brand has revealed that like a lot of other exciting, upcoming pre-workouts, StimMax will feature the promising new stimulant Dynamine.

More details on Performax Labs second pre-workout product should be coming in within the next few weeks, as the actual launch of StimMax is also expected to be going down sometime soon.