Turn your protein into frozen dessert with FREEZINda for just $1.50


The unique health product FREEZINda, which turns any whey powered protein powder into a delicious protein packed frozen dessert. Has just made its way onto the online retail giant Amazon where it is currently celebrating with a rather large sale.

Usually, FREEZINda costs $14.95 for a set of five protein powder transforming kits through the brand’s website, freezinda.com. On Amazon the product’s regular price is also $15 for five kits, however, for a limited time you can use the coupon code “50REVIEWUS” and get them for half price.

The sale drops FREEZINda down to only $1.50 per kit or $7.50 in total. That coupon code also gets you free shipping, so it is exactly $7.50 all up for the opportunity to create five lots of frozen protein dessert.

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