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Mega-dosed pre-workout GAT Psychon has finally arrived

GAT Psychon

GAT’s long awaited, mega-dosed pre-workout supplement Psychon has finally arrived this week and is now available for purchase. The product was first unveiled around the time of last year’s Olympia then only just resurfaced in ours newsfeed earlier this week.

As mentioned GAT Psychon is a mega-dosed pre-workout that lives up to its description by having a massive 26.6g serving size. The brand has thrown in a hefty 8.2g of citrulline malate for pumps, 6g of 2:1:1 ratio BCAAs for improved recovery, 350mg of caffeine, and much more.

GAT Psychon

You can get a complete look at the pre-workout formula in its official label above or you can check out our previous post from October of last year. GAT Psychon is now in stock on the brand’s own online store at for the rather high price of $48.99.

If you don’t mind waiting, it does look like GAT’s mega-dosed pre-workout will be hitting Muscle & Strength and for a better price than $48.99. The retailer currently has it listed at $36.99 for the same 20 serving tub; the only difference is has Psychon in stock.