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More information revealed for VPX’s ketogenic energy drink

VPX Meltdown

A picture has surfaced giving us a pretty clean look at the label for VPX Sports upcoming ketogenic sports drink, Meltdown. Previously all we knew about the RTD product was that it features goBHB ketones to help extend ketosis duration, and that it comes in a nice looking black and gold can.

Today we can confirm that VPX Sports’ still coming soon Meltdown drink packs a lot more than just goBHB. The image that’s surfaced reveals the RTD will have 10g of goBHB per can as well as a strong 225mg of caffeine for energy, yohimbe, electrolytes for hydration, and what looks to be a patented ingredient with Aquacrine theacrine.

VPX Meltdown

We’re not sure if there are more ingredients to be added to that list above, although it does look like most of the Meltdown RTD’s major features have been confirmed. We do also have the names of a few flavors the ketogenic energy drink is coming in with Sour Heads, Peach Mango, and something Twist.

Unfortunately, despite having a lot of new information for VPX Sports’ Meltdown drink, we still don’t have a timeframe for its launch. Our guess is that it must be coming very soon seeing as a lot of its details are now out there, and with the Arnold coming up next month that would make for a great launch platform.