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Costco has 5lb tubs of Combat Protein for $27 until March 3rd

MusclePharm Combat

If you’re looking to stock up on protein powder or just hunting for a solid deal for the month, MusclePharm has put together a massive sale that might interest you. Over at the wholesale company Costco, the brand’s flagship protein powder Combat, usually costs $37.99 for a large 5lb tub.

While that sub $40 price tag is already very competitive for a 5lb protein powder, for a limited time MusclePharm and Costco have made it even better. Through until Saturday, the 3rd of next month, you can get that 5lb Combat for an incredible $26.99.

Over the years we have seen some great deals on protein powder, and this is definitely one of those genuinely unmissable opportunities. To give you an idea of just how good this deal is, some brands sell 2lb tubs of protein for just under $30, whereas here you’re getting two and a half times as much for $27.

The only catch with the sale is that as per usual, Costco only has Combat available in the one Cookies & Cream flavor. So if you do decide to stock up, prepare to put up with the same flavor for how ever many tubs you decide to purchase.