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Jerry Ward previews his 2.3lb post-workout Perfect Post Elite

Perfect Post Elite

Our first look at Jerry Ward’s brand GIFD Labs has come in today, following last month’s departure from his long time brand, Primeval Labs. The first supplement to be previewed from GIFD Labs is called Perfect Post Elite, a post-workout recovery formula.

GIFD Labs Perfect Post Elite aims to decrease recovery time so you can get back to training at 100% and in turn get results faster. By the looks of things, this one is certainly going to feature a loaded list of ingredients and likely follow through on its promises.

As far as ingredients go for Perfect Post Elite, the only feature confirmed at the moment is a carbohydrate blend, although there is a lot more to the product. Today’s preview reveals that it has a massive tub weight of 2.38lbs, working out to 36g per serving if it has 30 servings or 54g for 20 servings.

The extra large serving size simply means that GIFD Labs has plenty of room to load up Perfect Post Elite with well-dosed, recovery enhancing ingredients. For now, that is all we have, but it definitely looks like Jerry Ward’s GIFD Labs is going to be a brand to watch, as suspected.