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Jerry Ward parts ways with Primeval and announces GIFD Labs


For as long as we’ve known Primeval Labs, it’s been in partnership with the fitness celebrity Jerry Ward of BIOS3 Training. Moving forward that is no longer going to be the case as this week Ward has officially parted ways with his longtime brand.

While Primeval Labs and Jerry Ward have split, there is said to be no bad blood between them. Ward has shared a video on his popular YouTube channel explaining the thought process behind the decision as well as talking about where he’s going to from here.

It is that future that got our attention, as Jerry Ward of BIOS3 Training has followed up confirmation of his departure with the announcement of GIFD Labs. Get It F*cking Done Labs or GIFD Labs for short, will be Ward’s own venture into the world of nutritional supplements.

Based on what’s been said so far, it sounds like GIFD Labs is going to be a different kind of brand with a not so mainstream lineup of products. Jerry Ward says he’ll be putting together supplements for holes in the marketplace that he sees and essentially wants to fill.

While GIFD Labs has only just been announced today, things are apparently going to be moving quite quickly for the brand from here. Jerry Ward is aiming to have everything up and running in about a month or two, with no doubt a lot more information to be released between now and then.

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