Pitbull labs’s Pedigree will feature the patented Outlast creatine

pitbull labs pedigree

A few weeks ago at our new year’s Stack3d Pro Expo, Pitbull Labs teased an upcoming supplement called Pedigree. The up and coming brand has now released a full preview of Pedigree, as well as confirmed a very important feature.

Pitbull Labs’s preview reveals that Pedigree is a non-hormonal muscle building product intending to help increase muscle strength and size, as well as enhance recovery and performance. As for the one feature we can confirm today, it is a patented ingredient called Outlast.

Pedigree is expected to be the first supplement to use Outlast which is a new, very unique form of creatine. Outlast is a blend of creatine and palatinose, brought together to significantly enhance creatine absorption by as much as 50%.

While we have got a good look at Pitbull Labs Pedigree today, its launch is still quite some time away. The brand isn’t expecting it to arrive for at least another two months, so you can probably look out for it somewhere around late April.