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Insane Labz previews its black and gold branded Insane Focus XR

Insane Focus XR

Last month Insane Labz introduced a new version of its pre-workout supplement Psychotic with a creatine free formula called Psychotic Gold. It now looks like the brand plans on doing the same kind of thing to its mental focus enhancing product, Insane Focus.

Insane Labz has dropped a picture this week of a supplement called Insane Focus XR, featuring alternative, black and gold branding like Psychotic Gold. Nothing much has been said about the Insane Focus spin-off such as what separates it from the original, only that it is a new focus product coming soon.

There is one area where we’ve got a few details on and that is the flavors Insane Focus XR is releasing in. The Insane Labz preview confirms there will be at least four flavors on the supplement’s menu with two of those being Jellybean and Blue Poprocks.

As always, Insane Labz is suggesting fans sign up to its newsletter to be notified as soon as Insane Focus XR is released. That now actually makes it two new products on the way from the brand, as it was just last week Insane Labz unveiled its upcoming whey protein, Insane Whey.