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RSP Nutrition jumps into the ketogenic race with Keto BHB

rsp keto bhb

RSP Nutrition is the latest supplement company to get in on the ketogenic trend with a new product called Keto BHB. It is a very simple formula designed for ketosis support and carbohydrate free, sustained energy.

Each bottle of RSP Nutrition’s new Keto BHB packs a total of 240 capsules, which is enough for 60, four capsule servings. From each of those servings you get 2.4g of goBHB ketones, working out to exactly 600mg of goBHB per capsule.

rsp keto bhb

RSP Nutrition’s first entry into the world of ketogenic supplements is now available from Amazon and direct. The online giant has the product priced at $49.97 per bottle, the same as what RSP has Keto BHB for on its own site at

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