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Stackable SST Cleanse designed to help eliminate water and toxins

SST cleanse

Performix has been on a bit of a new release rampage as of late with the unveiling of ten entirely new supplements in just over one month. Today that total continues to rise with the introduction of another SST spin-off product called SST Cleanse.

What is it

The latest addition to Performix’s SST family is exactly as its title suggests, a supplement to help you detoxify or cleanse your system. It features ingredients to support healthy liver function and promote regularity.


The main ingredients in SST Cleanse are milk thistle and turmeric, which sit alongside six other features to help eliminate water and toxins. Those other ingredients are cascara, dandelion, senna, uva ursi, slippery elm bark, and peppermint, all wrapped up with milk thistle and turmeric in a 1.25g non-transparent blend.

SST cleanse

Seeing as SST Cleanse doesn’t have any stimulants in it, similar to other new SST products like SST Burn and SST Control. It can be used in combination with other SST supplements including those two we just mentioned as well as stimulant powered SSTs such as SST V2X and SST Cuts.


According to Performix, SST Cleanse is due to be available at GNC within the next week or two. It also expected to hit the brand’s own website, where we’ve noticed the brand now has the majority of its line listed and a number of products on sale with some big discounts.