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TF7 Labs line getting a new look and new formulas for 2018

TF7 Labs

In the coming weeks, big things are happening with the UK supplement company TF7 Labs, best known for its skull packaged pre-workout Poison. The brand has announced that its lineup is getting a complete revamp for 2018.

TF7 Labs is updating its entire family of supplements with all-new packaging, that looks to be just as unique as its current lot. The brand has also revised every formula in its range, which would presumably include its recognizable pre-workout Poison.

The UK company is aiming to have all of its rebranded and reformulated products to its wholesalers across the world by the end of next week. That should mean we’ll be seeing images of the repackaged supplements soon, as well as details about what TF7 Labs has changed formula wise.

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